Indian Culture and Jaggery

Jaggery or Gur is an essential part of Indian food culture, Roti and Jaggery along with Ghee used to be an ecstasy during childhood .Jaggery and Sugar are brothers from the same mother, during processing sugar is treated with charcoal while jaggery is considered to be pure.

Processing of Jaggery

Jaggery is made of longer chain of Sucrose due to which it liberates more energy slowly inside the body and provides stamina for longer period of time.  Jaggery also gathers a considerable amount of ferrous salts (iron) during its preparation, as it is prepared in iron vessels. This iron is also good for health, particularly for those who are anemic or lack iron. Presence of minerals and salts makes jaggery a good source to keep the body vitals stable, it is due to salt from the soil that makes jaggery taste a bit salty when you taste it. It cleanses the lungs, stomach, intestines, esophagus and respiratory tracts. Those who face dust in their day to day life are highly recommended to take a daily dose of jaggery. This can keep them safe from asthma, cough, cold, and congestion in chest.

Cultural Aspects

Jaggery is considered to be pure and free of charcoal, its used widely by Hindus and considered auspicious during ceremonies, festivals or while offering prayers. Jaggery is also used in making’ Prasad ‘or offering to god during pooja ceremonies

Benefits of Jaggery 

  1. Strengthening the Digestive System: Jaggery can eradicate constipation and stimulates bowel movement. Digestion is also catalyzed by enzymes released.
  2. Purifies Blood and Liver : Jaggery purifies liver by flushing harmful toxins and cleansed blood vessels thereby ensuring clean blood flow to the heart , ensuring proper functioning of heart and lungs.
  3. Boosts immunity: Jaggery is loaded with antioxidants and minerals such as zinc and selenium, which in turn help prevent free-radical damage and also boost resistance against infections. Jaggery also helps increase the total count of hemoglobin in the blood.
  4. Eases Menstrual Pain : Jaggery eases Menstrual pain by enabling release of endorphins which relaxes your body while suffering from Pre Menstrual Pain or Cramp due to periods , also reduces mood swings caused before Menstruation
  5. Rich in Iron: RBC count can be stabilized by intake of Jaggery, preventing anemia. It contains high Iron and Folate content thereby giving stamina for daily workload especially for pregnant woman.
  6.  Controls blood pressure: Jaggery contains potassium and sodium, which play an important role in the maintenance of acid levels in the body. It makes sure that a normal level of blood pressure is properly maintained.
  7. Prevents respiratory problems: By consuming jaggery regularly, you can prevent many respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, etc. Experts recommend eating this natural sweetener with sesame seeds for wonderful benefits for the respiratory system.
  8. Relieves joint pain: If you suffer from aches and pains in your joints, eating jaggery can provide you with much-needed relief. You can eat it with a piece of ginger to alleviate joint pain, or even drink a glass of milk with jaggery every day to help strengthen the bones, thus preventing joint and bone problems such as arthritis.
  9. Weight loss: Jaggery is surprisingly effective as an aid for weight loss. This is because jaggery is a rich source of potassium, which is a mineral that helps in the balance of electrolytes as well as building muscles and boosting metabolism. Potassium also helps in the reduction of water retention, which helps in managing your weight these factors play an important role in effective weight loss, so if you’re looking to lose some unwanted pounds, include this food in your diet.
  10. Good source of energy: While sugar is a simple carbohydrate that gets absorbed in the bloodstream instantly and gives instant energy, jaggery is a carbohydrate that gives energy to the body gradually and for a longer time. This means that the levels of blood sugar do not get raised immediately. It also helps prevent fatigue and weakness of the body.

Now since you know goodness of Jaggery, make it a habit!! Consumption of Jaggery fort Diabetic patients is not advised due to its high sucrose content. Please take proper advice from the doctor in case you are diabetic or heart patient

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